Sunday, November 7, 2010

Everyone Needs a Wife

Every girl needs that other girl that will pick them up when they are down, slap them when they need to be slapped and praised when they deserve it most. We need that one person that despite everything remains on our side, but isn't afraid to tell us when we are wrong. Boyfriends and husbands are great amazing people, but  lets face it...they just don't get us. Thats why we need a wife, along with the other spouse. We need them to comfort us and have sleepovers with us when we are at our lowest point. We need them to always be our support system and backbone because we're human and sometimes we can't do it all. A wife gives honesty and care at the same time. My wife is Brooke, we clicked from the minute we became friends and I knew she'd be my other part of me forever. She is literally always there for me. Every time I call she answers, when Im upset she knows and she will do anything to change it. She can't stand me but at the same time loves me to pieces. We don't mind sharing a twin bed because we are that close. If you are familiar with Greys Anatomy and the relationship Christina and Meredith have, then you know Brooke and I. We make sense together. Everyone always comments on how "overly close" we are because honestly we are attached to the hip. She brings out a different side of me, an outgoing side. She is my wife and other half. I would be no where without her, she is irreplaceable.

A wife is more than just a best friend, they are a part of you.. with out them you just wouldn't be the same.

"She is my best friend, right or wrong she will always be there when no one else is"

Always Choose Paris


this free bird said...

Couldn't agree with you more. There is a bond of sisterhood we get with our girlfriend(s) that is much needed and valued. Yay for you and your wife! hehe


Omgitstiffduh said...

Love this! Every girl needs a special bond with a friend!

LADYPLAY said...

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Leia said...

You two seem like such great friends :)