My BookShelf

As you may realize, I love love love to read. I get a lot of life lessons out of good reads. Lately I have been reading memoirs as research for my book. My book shelf in my room is filled with great stories so I thought I may share!

"There is just something about library books, whether it's the unique smell or the fact that someone read the same book in search for something too"

Jodi Picoult:
-House Rules
-My Sister
-The Pact

Jane Green:
-The Beach House
-Second Chance

Chelsea Handler:
-Are you there Vodka, it's me Chelsea
-Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang
-My Horizontal Life

Elizabeth Gilbert:
-Eat Pray Love

Elizabeth Wurtzel:
-Prozac Nation

Sarah Dessen:
-The Truth About Forever

Dennis Lehane:
-The Given Day
-Gone Baby Gone