Friday, October 22, 2010

My Letter to You

Now we never have to wonder if we missed out on each other,

I could not be happier to have you in my life. For the first time ever I know what it's like to be treated with respect and care. I knew you were different the minute I met you. I'm so happy I didn't let you run when you were afraid and I know you're not going to let me run now. We didn't have the easiest start but we saw through everything and knew what was in front of us. Every day I spend with you I fall harder. You understand me, you understand I have a past I am not proud of but have a future that is bright. Everyday you remind me that the sky is the limit and I see my better self in your eyes. I don't know what took you so long to find me but I would go through my past a million times if it still meant you were there in the end. I have never smiled or laughed so much in my life. You are everything I have ever wanted and so much more. You have shown me that I am what you want and no one can come between this. We're absolutely perfect for each other. You may be the only one that can handle me and that alone says a lot. You don't try and change me, you like me for me. Everyday you shower me with compliments and tell me how proud you are of my accomplishments. Everyone in my life adores you and knows you're the best thing to happen to me. You make me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. I adore your smile, your integrity, your laugh, your morals, your sense of humor. For the first time ever I have someone who's incredible and cares about me just as much as I care for them.

My wall is down, my guard is over and done with. You are what I needed to finally let everything from the past go. My new life is filled with possibilities and with you by my side I'll be unstoppable. You showed me the person I am supposed to be is the girl I am when Im with you. The past in a distant memory and you're all that's in focus

Love Me


Anonymous said...

Is this to someone in particular or just thoughts??? Very cool have you ever thought about writing a book a novel or love story???

Danielle said...

Pina Colada Kisses, this is actually to someone in particular. I am writing a memoir that I am hoping will be published in 2014. check out some of my past posts such as " Why I do this" for a little more background. Thanks so much for the compliments! Made my day xoxo. Im starting to follow you now :)

ag. said...

This is the most amazingly sweet letter. The reciever is so lucky to recieve it and have someone like you in their life. Everyone needs to be able to experience the emotions that you describe. Beuatifully written!