Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Enchanted and His Girlfriend

"This is me praying that this was the very first page, not where the story line ends"

When I met him I knew he was something different. I noticed the way he could light up the room instantly. I never used to believe in "first sight", but now I do. I knew the minute I met him I wanted something, I wasn't exactly sure as to what but I knew to hold on as tight as I could. Slowly we were becoming closer and closer and I couldn't stop my feelings.

I used to be the first one to bash relationships. "They are a waste of time, a death sentence, and way too much effort for something that most likely won't last" --that was my argument and trust me I have countless examples of experience to back that all up. He opened my eyes up to something I have never felt before.

For the first time ever I was refusing to run from this. In the back of my mind I kept saying 'run as fast as you can' but I kept pushing it away. I knew I had something good and I would be a fool to give it up. So I stayed, I let myself get closer to him, I let myself fall for him. Since I was a little girl I have always dreamt of the perfect relationship, that one guy to sweep me off my feet in a way I couldn't even grasp. After heartbreak upon heartbreaks I gave up that fantasy. I became cynical and single with no interest in changing. But there he was with his amazing smile and dark eyes, just like that I was gone. I was laughing again, I was enjoying the love songs and the thought of finding that certain someone. He turned my entire world upside down.

"The way you smile around him, it's different than any smile we've seen before"

I finally found what I have been searching for since I knew of fairy tale endings. The funniest part of this all is I found him when I wasn't looking for him. We were talking about this earlier and he said some pretty valid things. Him and I both were not in search of a relationship or even had a desire of having one. We both were content with the life we had, we refused to settle for anything less than we wanted. The perfect relationship to me is what I have with him. I have loved, been in love, and lusted a lot of people but with him everything is just entirely different. When I say he is absolutely perfect to me I'm not exaggerating; I adore him.

Past relationships consisted of two types of people with only 1 exception.
Either I was dating a total asshole or I found those guys that would say "I love you" in 1 week and ask for my hand in marriage the next. I have no idea where I found the second bunch but they came around more often than I preferred. This is where he is so different. He is never mean to me, but he doesn't baby me either. He puts me in my place when needed and I know I will always get an honest answer from him, whether I like it or not. He isn't so nice that I wonder where his balls are and get so sick and bored and leave him. He cares about me, shows affection, and has proved that he will always protect me. I never knew the feeling of security when it came to males until I met him.

So when I swore to myself that I would never get into a relationship where getting hurt was an option; I didn't lie. He is so genuine, he tells me all the time how lucky he thinks he is to have found me and how happy I make him, I don't see him ever hurting me. I am so lucky to call him my boyfriend. I waved goodbye to my past relationships and I looked forward to the pages upon pages of happy endings. I shut that book of misery for good this time. No longer cynical and no longer single, and I would never change that for anything. I said before I needed an adventure and I think this is it. I found someone who will take me to an entirely new place, help me discover things I never thought I would. I found someone who is flawless and something that is effortless.

"This night is sparkling, don't you let it go"

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MissEmy said...

That is great, congratulations. :) :) And I absolutely LOVE Taylor's new album.