Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Misguided ghosts

He really did damage this time. I thought I found something over two years ago, someone I could finally stand still with. I know the way I felt about him can never be compared to, it was just entirely different from anything else. But it was all a mind game for two years. How does someone rise from that? I have no faith, trust, or security with a boy because of him. But people are always telling me that this is life and I need to just move on from it. But everything he said to me was a lie, so how do I even give another guy a chance? I find myself questioning everything anyone does now, all because of his mind games. The one person I trusted pushed me far away and I'm petrified I'll never make it back. I just keep going in circles. I get scared, I try and push the past mind games aside, I let them in the tiniest bit and then I run because I find no trust or good in the situation, all because of one person.

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