Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Confident Girl is a Happy Girl

"I couldn't help but wonder... inside every confident, driven, single woman, is there a delicate, fragile princess just waiting to be saved?"

Confidence- Every girl wants it, strives for it, and deserves it.

There are things that constantly get in the way and overshadow our ability to achieve this confidence though; men.

I am speaking for myself in this... for so long I would do anything and everything to please a guy just so I could feel something. I thought that this "something" would get me confidence, but it only caused self doubt and horrible self esteem. In the end they didn't want me and I put all blame on myself. I never thought once that maybe it was them and perhaps they weren't worthy of me.

flash forward to now...

I am an extremely confident girl. I know what I want and I refuse to settle. I also don't give up on something if I believe that it's a good thing. I realized through all my soul searching that I deserve something beautiful, I deserve confidence. No one, male or female will ever take that from me again. People are constantly asking me what happened to make me so happy now. Immediately they assume I have found a boyfriend. NOPE! I am happily single and what I found was confidence. It took a lot for me to find it, but now that I do I am never letting it go.

I found confidence through being an individual. I do my own thing. People may not agree or find it odd, but I love what I do because it does make me smile. Confidence can take people a long way and I believe after this past month and all of it's progress I will achieve my "big dream". I saved myself, I didn't need that prince charming anymore. I didn't need that fairy tale happy ending anymore. I finally was growing up.


Elle Sees said...

good for you to have confidence!!! that's awesome and not an easy gift.

MissEmy said...

awww, that's fantastic!! I know many people who build their identities around what other's think. It's so sad and extremely important to do what's right for yourself. :)