Thursday, September 2, 2010

Car Crash

Immature and foolish... that's how I'd describe it. This infinite circle of ....

' I don't trust you'
'You don't care about me'
' You're always contradicting yourself'
' You never mean a word you say'

It took over all the happiness that once was there. They were bound for a crash and it finally hit. True colors were shown, lies were revealed and a friendship was ruined. " I did it only to get back at you", that was all he needed to hear to realize what this really was all about. She cared a lot but he never showed stability in what could have been. He'd say one thing and then do another, only because he knew she was so out of reach. For a while she was his first priority. His first thought every morning and the same when he went to sleep. But through it all she was never true to him either. She held on for her reason and he held onto them for his. In the end though it would never bring them together. It wasn't until recently where it was a constant fight and always over the same things. But he wanted to stay in that car until it crashed because he wanted to feel something, whether the impact was good or bad. But this was a battle and it was their final last call.

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dereck said...

me gusta. you are starting to learn to moe-on....i hopee