Monday, August 30, 2010

So Long So Long

"Drive past the lifeguard stand
Where I sit around waiting for you to remember"

Going to the beach and talking has been our thing since we were little kids. Today we went there to say bye before he left for his last year of college. Crazy to think I can remember us as 11 and 12 years old like it was yesterday. But this good bye was different than all the others, the reasons as to why I will keep to myself. Even though I know it's never goodbye with us, I still am nervous about how our friendship will turn out during the course of this year. The beach is our safe spot though, it's as if life stands still and nothing has changed between the two of us when we are there. I never told him this, but all last year when I couldn't stand one more minute of my own thoughts I'd sit on the sea wall on the beach and write a letter to him . I swore I'd never give them to him though, maybe one day I will. But when I need my good feeling and reassurance that I'm going to be alright, I sit at our spot and remember everything.

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dereck said...

dang im fallin asleep waiting for another one