Monday, August 23, 2010

I Will Always Think Of Him Fondly, As An Asshole

Why do so many talented and beautiful woman constantly settle? They have everything that a man could want, but yet they still let the assholes have their attention. Is it because we think less of ourselves? Or maybe it's because of the chase, the thrill of catching someone so unattainable. I can understand the chase part.. most women who have integrity are attracted to a challenge. But when do we draw a line between a 'challenge' and just being used.
Do we not realize how amazing we truly are? Being a woman let alone is one of the hardest things. We go through so much more, and majority of the time feel stronger about things. Men know their worth and it is time that women do too.
Excuses can only be thrown around for so long until we realize it just isn't worth our time. Men can only degrade us if we let them. An independent, strong willed, intelligent woman should never even give that man a second look when he asks for that 'second chance'. He was bullshitting you the entire time, but you as a glass half full girl didn't want to realize that. But at such a difficult age where life and relationships do not go hand in hand you need to be more cautious. Remember that little thing you used to tell yourself if any man approached you... ' Don't even look at him, he is probably like every other guy'-- I'd start listening to that again.

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