Saturday, August 21, 2010

Love is Blind

When you hear "blinded by love", you think that someone can't see what is really happening in their relationship because their love for the other has casted over everything else. At 3 am when they were fighting in his kitchen she realized he was blinded by love too, but in a completely different way. He couldn't see that the reason they were fighting was because of love. He had someone staring him in the eyes saying she loves him. He wouldn't see a good thing even if it hit him between the eyes. He is blinded by the fact that she could be everything to him, if he gave it a chance. Everyone wants someone to be their other half, to be their good feeling, to means the world to someone else. She wanted that relationship you hear about in movies and books and her love for him blinded the reality. The reality that she would never get that with him. He in the end did not care what happened with them. He could be fine with or without her. But when she asked him what was going on and he jokingly said " we are like boyfriend and girlfriend aren't we?" and laughed after, the clouds started to clear...everything started to show its real colors. There was no more shades of grey, that little girl hope she had was gone. He made a mockery of her and the time she had spent with him. He walked away with nothing, but she walked away with a lesson learned. When other people who are outside the relationship advised her that perhaps he doesn't deserve to be taken back for the twentieth time; she should have listened. And when people told him that he needs to give this a shot and realize what he has, he should have listened. Maybe the outcome would have been different. Maybe she could have realized sooner than later what was actually going on. He wasn't breaking her heart anymore, she was doing it all on her own. No one can change anyone, people need to do it all on their own. Love was still important to her, but she wasn't going to be careless with her heart anymore. And him?... well he will probably always be blinded to love.

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