Saturday, August 14, 2010


"He doesn't deserve you, he never deserved you"

"It's in the past just let it go"

"Can't you just move on already?"

"Look at everything he has put you through"

"He's so selfish"

"How could you ever let him in again?"

" If he cared he would have never back stabbed you"

"His name is never allowed to be said in this house"

"He's an asshole"

"You guys will end up together one day"

"It was an immature relationship"

"For someone who says they love you, he never shows it"

"He doesn't care about your feelings, he never will"

"He never deserved those 5 years of your life"

"You'll always be different to him"

"It's over, who cares anymore"

"He doesn't care what he puts you through on a daily basis"

"You're wasting your time"

"Danielle, you can never say we are over"

....spinning out of control.

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