Sunday, August 15, 2010

I think I deserve something beautiful

I wrote this title a month ago in hopes that I would know what to say after it..but I didn't. Now after a month later I do.

He read her letter aloud as she laid next to him. It wasn't easy to hear her vulnerable words said out loud, let alone the boy they were directed to was saying them. But as the words were coming out of his mouth she felt something words can't explain. She has always known how different he was. For so long she just wanted to understand what was going on between them. Now she realizes that right now isn't their time, they are both too young and trying to get everything out of life. But it was what he said after he read the letter that made her realize. She gave her heart to him a long time ago and she's never getting it back.. " I wish we were older sometimes because this would work".

I think I deserve something beautiful. He is a little out of key and an individual and thats what I love about him. If I had a choice, I'd pick him every time because to me he is something beautiful.

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