Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fall In Love with Fall

As summer is slowly ending and fall is quickly approaching I couldn't help but reflect on these past few months and smile at the future. Things finally got to me after months of bottling it up. I woke up in a panic and decided the only place I wanted to be was Nantucket, so I fled. I needed the ocean air, my best friend and some quality window shopping. Running to Nantucket for a few days was the best decision. I realized so many things when I was there. It was finally time to see what everyone was telling me

He doesn't care, end of story.

I have so much hope for the fall. If you set yourself up for success that is what you will get. I have realized I need to work on only what I can control. I have my resume all finished, I am half way done with editing my book, I have my entire room and {new} closet de-cluttered and organized. I have 2 jobs that will support my education and bills.

I cannot wait for the fall, it really is my favorite season of the year. The smell, the food, the activities, the sports, {MY 21st BIRTHDAY!!!}.. nothing can ruin this year.

{My fall picks}

{Fashion}-- 'Boyfriend' button ups, skinny dark jeans & flats by RedFoot.
{School}-- for all my books and Target for all supplies.
{Vacations}-- Dallas in October and Nantucket for daffofil festival, (my favorite flower)

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