Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Left To Save

Was there anything really left to save? Or did that feeling of 'this is everything you have wanted and needed' prove that it was worth the fight. That was what she needed to fathom. But first she needed to talk to him about it. Was there even the slightest chance? How were they on such different pages? All she wanted to do was fight for him. Everything in her told her he is something you fight for, but she had no choice other than to push it aside. He contributed little to nothing when it came to communication, and for any type of relationship, that was everything. As you can tell he controlled every ounce of this relationship. She was there to just be his basic puppet. Just the same, how did he have so much control? He didn't have to do much to get it because she handed it to him. She would do anything just to keep him around because in her heart she knew she was in love.

It was time though to take a step back, put her feelings aside and look at the situation. Was there anything there to save? Or was this all farcical. Did he want something out of this eventually.. or was she just there to comfort for the past few years. Would her dream of being with him come true?....

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