Saturday, August 7, 2010

Right Page: Wrong Turn

As she was moving onto the first chapter of the next book, she found herself running into the same problems. The guy that should be a distant thought was still a constant. This is where she starts to get confused because in everyone's eyes except her own, they were nothing besides a hookup...that conveniently lasted for almost two years. The minute her life seemed to be taking a turn for the worst she missed him. She missed the comfort he brought into her life. How is she supposed to keep moving forward if her heart and mind both keep bringing her back to the past? He isn't good for her and she knows this, but still she wants him back. The plan for this chapter in her life was set... focus solely on yourself. It was time she started to please herself before others. But another wrong turn appeared in the road. She should of seen the sign from miles away but she decided that maybe she'd give him a chance, see if maybe with her he was different. He played the game very well.. sweet talking and always willing to show her a good time. But they were all empty. The first time should have been the last time but she wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. He was merely nothing but it still upset her that he'd take the time to make plans and then simply never follow through with them. Minuscule bump but it still baffled her.

To remain on the right page and right path she had to realize that guys aren't the best thing for her at all right now. She hasn't let the last guy go and is really trying to make a life for herself. It may take some time, but you know she'll figure it out.. she always does.

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