Thursday, August 5, 2010

Girl Don't You Lose Your Heart Yet.

When an old love dies we try so hard to find a new one, also known as a rebound. To get over a relationship that once, was our entire world we search for something or someone to fill the void. It isn't anyone's fault, there is no blame.. its just human. Here's the thing that you are blind to until you step back. Your entire life revolved around them right? So now you don't know anything without them right?---

Well WRONG. You are someone without them. You actually are this amazing independent strong willed person without them. You just didn't know it until you were left standing alone on a one way street. When a relationship ends you need to step back. Yes you are hurt and yes you are alone. But being alone isn't a bad thing. I know I know, but you're petrified of even the thought.. I was too. I was so afraid of being alone. I spent every minute thinking of that one person, always in constant contact. Every weekend was dedicated to a 3 hour bus ride to and from his college. My ENTIRE life was one person. I never knew who I was until I broke free from that relationship. I jumped into relationship after relationship just to feel something, but I felt nothing. I didn't know until a year later that the only relationship I needed was the one with myself. Before you can give your heart to someone else you need to give it to yourself. You need to find out who you are so that person you fall in love with falls in love with the 'real' you. Not the mangled heart emotional train wreck barely has it together you. It may be hard but you need to stop all contact with that old relationship for minimum 3 months. You need to know who you are without them. I finally figured out who I am without him and I love me. I used to be this psychotic paranoid person because all I ever heard were lies and I was deceived majority of that time. Now I know who I can trust, what to look for in a guy and I know I deserve the world. But I see the end of that relationship as the best thing that ever happened to me. I know it sounds crazy to you right now because your heart is so bitter and you can't even get the motivation to get out of bed. But I promise there will come a day when you wake up and every question you had after the break up will be answered and you finally will achieve every dream you ever made for yourself. Just keep your head up gorgeous!

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