Sunday, December 5, 2010

Where My Heart Is

Have you ever stepped off a plane or a boat and knew you belonged in this place, that it was meant to be more than just a vacation? The minute I arrived in Dallas, Texas I just knew that my journey for happiness would bring me here in the end. I fell in love with it's entirety. I can't exactly explain how it felt when I was in this lone-star state, but I felt like the missing pieces I lost along my way were filled with a new kind of love. For the first time in a long time I finally felt like myself and any dream I had or any wish I made could all become real. I never thought another city besides Boston could feel like home to me. I left a small town behind when I ventured to Dallas and all those insecurities and miserable thoughts I was consumed with vanished. I was in a place where no one had any idea who I used to be, what I had done, who I had dated...nothing. I had a new beginning there where I could be the person I had been striving to be. Trying to grow outside of your town is hard, especially when your reputation never leaves you despite your positive changes. Every single day I miss Dallas, wishing I could close my eyes, open them and I'd be sitting in Starbucks on Mockingbird Street with my best friend. The feeling of security I have there is irreplaceable, yet I keep trying to accomplish it here in this town. I know I need change, something I can marvel at, something that takes my breathe away... I need Dallas.

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brooka said...

I'll take you again soon, I promise!