Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You Make Me Smile

She finally found what she thought was impossible to find. He came into her life unexpectedly. When they first met she had no idea how close they would become. It started off rocky but for some reason she saw through it. This reason was because some people are just meant to be in each others life. He lets her be herself, he doesn't care about her past, he makes her smile and for the first time in a long time it was a real smile. They are so much alike and so different at the same time; a perfect balance. They both knew how important it was to take time in this because it was something worth waiting for, something worth taking time for. Having a relationship used to be a distant thought to her, but now she catches herself every once in a while imagining what it'd be like to be close again to not just someone but him; and she smiles every time. He wasn't the easiest person to get close to at first but something changed in him, something that would bring them closer together. He let down a part of his wall and showed her that he did truly care about her and wants to be the guy she deserved. He has enough awareness of her past that he knows that although he makes her extremely happy, she is still damaged. But he wants to stick around and be there for her when she needs him. He has become a good feeling, she feels extremely lucky to have found him. For the first time ever she isn't going to run, she'll stand still and be grateful that she found and met someone special.

you make me a very happy girl

Have you met someone you can stand still with? Some one who makes you realize what you truly deserve. What are the little things they do to make you smile?

When we find this person do we hold on and hope for the best, or do we find ourselves dwelling on the 'what ifs'? Could this just be the honeymoon stage and we're just setting ourselves up for another break-up, another let down? What if it's too good to be true? Do we act on this insecurity and walk away?


Meg said...

hi danielle, thanks for adding my button to your blog :) it's lovely here, and i'm glad you've found someone you can stand still with - it's such a good feeling!

Danielle said...

Thank you Meg! I am really happy too. I adore your blog and am very happy to share it with my readers :) Have a fabulous weekend darling.