Saturday, September 11, 2010

American Soldier

I wanted to take today to write about American Soldiers and one in particular. Today has become a day of remembrance for the United States of our patriotism and our strength. We experienced a tragedy nine years ago that would forever change our lives. There is not one person who cannot tell you what they were doing the day the planes crashed into the Twin Towers.

I was in my sixth grade class, Mrs McMorrow. We were in reading class and she left the room for a moment. When she came back she was crying. Most of us didn't think much of it because she was a little too emotional for her own good. School went on as usual. I get into my usual carpool for soccer practice and I get a phone call from my mom. "Danielle a terrorist attack has happened in NewYork and I would really like it if you just come home for today." "Mom what are you talking about, what is a terrorist and how did they attack us??" I was only 11 years old, I had no idea what was going on. The only thing that came to my mind was war and that my cousin Kenny was in the Army. I may have been young but I was not naive. I knew what was to come next. My cousin was going to Iraq and my life, just like everyone else's' would forever be changed.

The United States may be absolute morons sometimes, but how we all came together after that day was incredible. It showed that in the end we do still stand for what we believe in, freedom and union. Every car had flags, everyone had a shirt with the firemen putting up the american flag, whom probably at the time didn't even realize what their actions would stand for. They were just putting the flag up on instinct.

I have always had one absolute hero in my life. I am extremely close with my entire family, but this man has always been different to me. I never wanted to be with anyone except my cousin Kenny. He is the big brother I never had. I will always be his little one and he will forever be my rock. Even when he wasn't a United States hero, he was still mine. Teachers always have you write who your hero is when you're younger, I chose Kenny every time. I just think he is an amazing individual. He is my protector and he was America's too. I feel bad for the guy I end up marrying because it isn't my dad he has to worry about, it's Kenny.

Finding out that Kenny was being deployed to Iraq immediately after 9/11 happened was one of the scariest and depressing feelings I have ever experienced. My hero, the one person I knew would be there for me no matter what was going away and may not come back. He proved time and time again that he is a hero and I could never thank him enough for going to Iraq and protecting not only me but everyone. We all have a hero out there and mine truly showed he is worthy of his title. He came back safe and sound, but never quite the same. He married his high school sweetheart and has a beautiful baby girl, and one on the way.

American Soldiers don't do this for the hype or for the publicity, they do it because it's their belief. They stand ready to protect us and today we really need to stop and think while we worry about our "problems" they are putting their lives on the line so we can sleep peacefully at night. Thank you to my cousin Kenny and to my best friend Rachel for serving us, you are my hero's. It takes a special and certain kind of person to be able to be a soldier.

Never forgotten 9/11/01Link

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Elle Sees said...

I've lost a few people over there and my cousin just got back safely last month. I hope we never have to live through anythting like that again!