Sunday, August 8, 2010

But Don't Forget to Remember Me..

She put so much time and effort into so many things that now no longer exist in her life. For some people that wouldn't really bother them.. but it really bothered her. She was different than others. She was constantly thinking about EVERYTHING. I guess all she really wanted was to be remembered. She wanted to know that although those things or people aren't a part of her life now, she still made an impact or a difference. She hoped she showed that one boy what it felt like to be truly loved, she hoped that those little girls knew to always keep their heads up and stay true to themselves, and she hoped that her first love always kept her on that pedestal like he promised. But now it was time to make a difference in her own life. It was time for her to show herself what it felt like to be loved, to learn how to always keep her own head up, and know that although he will always be different in her mind and he will always be on that pedestal, it was time to let go.

Just don't forget to remember me.

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