Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wrong Page: Different Book

You've outgrown the boys of your past but not quite grown into the men of your future... something said by a smart and endearing character on a successful show. But it's true. You had moved on from one life and quite haven't turned to the first page of the second. You thought you had found a start, something to make you jump. But then you were quickly reminded why that guard is up. You are no where near ready. You need to develop the plot, outline the chapters, set yourself up for that perfect ending. See you can't do that until you realize and take in what happened in the first book. Things changed dramatically at the end. She lost a lot of things, but gained a lot too. For her to realize what she wanted out of life she had to take a few hits, get let down a little bit more. But the last few lines of the book prevailed that she'd make it out alive and a whole lot stronger. Perhaps it wasn't her heart that gained the strength, but her head. Thats what you as the reader need to comprehend first. Did she learn to never let her heart trust or let a man in again? Or did she become more aware of how to recognize the good from the bad. Until then you can't move onto the next book... you'll just be on the wrong page

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