Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Sunday Sowa

Today my mother and I went into the South End to see what this SOWA Market was all about. When I walked into the Market Place I was taken back. It was everything I loved all under tents... The people are great there, the atmosphere is unlike any other.. and the talent.. it's amazing. There was one artist though that stuck out to me, Wilton Artisan. She makes phenomenal pieces out of sea glass and other scraps that you'd never think could be jewelry. One look and I was sold to this amazing necklace. It is made out of old clock pieces. It says 'time 4 new beginnings'. My mom and I both thought it was perfect. It was $60.00 but totally worth it. It is the only one she has ever made and I felt privileged to have it. I can't wait to go back again next sunday and check out more artists. I also got two beautiful bouquets of sunflowers from a local grower all for 5.00. They went wonderful in my room right next to my laptop. I hope everyone enjoyed their hot but fabulous weekend, I know I did! Now back to reality and work tomorrow...

{Here are some other pictures my fabulous mom took}

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