Thursday, January 13, 2011

It'll Speak For Itself

Her dreams were so enormous, but could they perhaps be out of reach? She began to fall into this lapse that  these big dreams she made would remain that way; a reverie. It was admired that she had all these ambitions but were they realistic? Could they happen despite her life circumstances? She had been in this standstill for years now, and every time her hands were right there, able to reach out she would fall once again. There was one person though that forever impacted her life... it wasn't some renowned writer, some man who swept her off her feet, or the greatest friend in the world. The person that impacted her most was 4'3, tiny glasses, wavy brown hair, the cutest little smile that could light up anyones world. Her name is Mackenzie Rose and she changed my life forever. I met her when she was in first grade and she stole my heart forever. The smallest things made her happy and there was never once a complaint from her little mouth. But the thing that I held onto most about her was that she was my biggest fan. I was her everyday hero and she would call me everyday to tell me about her day and could not wait to hear about mine. She loved reading and writing and told me that one day she would be a journalist just like me. The way she compiled a story matched her personality; simply remarkable. 

-- As I had last posted, I had the case of writers block. I have endured this inability to perform before, but nothing quite like this. Then I stumbled upon something that gave me my integrity and passion back. As I finished reading this little letter I began to remember I can do this, my writing will be published one day, I will make it to the highest point in my career and I will change lives.

you know you can do anything so do anything you want to. you are the best girl in the whole world! you are the best, you are the best, you are the best! thank you for everything you do for me.
Love Mackenzie"

just four short sentences but they changed my day and the way I have been thinking for the past few months. I have a little girl who thinks the world of me. To her I am capable of anything and everything. I need to make these dreams come true not only for myself but for Mackenzie too, she has had enough let downs in her life and I refuse to be another.

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