Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bonjour 2011

This year has been... extreme. I have endured unplanned struggles and have learned a lot about myself. Now that I am on my way to the right track I really took a minute to think of what I wanted for 2011. 2010 was all about figuring out who I was by myself, and make an attempt to let the past go. It has been almost a year exactly since I made that decision and now I can finally say I have accomplished every resolution I made for myself. This year I am concentrating more on my health and mind. I am constantly stressed out and never quite content. This year I will learn how to actually cook, not just simple things but learn dishes ( I am extremely nervous but my boyfriend is excited because he gets to eat the food). I will get back on track with a healthy diet which I hope will benefit my skin problems ( yes at age 21 I finally get the acne that everyone else got in middle school, jokes on me I guess?) and my health. I swear I have spent more money on doctor visits and medicines than anything else. Yoga is a must at least 3 times a week, no exceptions. Now that I found myself I get to concentrate on falling in love with my better half and enjoy the amazing friends I have in my life.

This year is about adventure, being able to love others again, maturing into an adult, and good health.

To start this year off I will be buying a few cook books, making some meal plans, learning to trust my relationships as genuine and real, and traveling to New York City to explore a possible new city I will call home and get my book out to publishers. I want to capture moments now, so I will start saving for a new nikon camera Wish me luck!


Sarah said...

Your health and sanity should be #1 :)

Good luck on having a lovely 2011 xo

Omgitstiffduh said...

I am 22 and now have the acne that everyone had too. And I love how you want to learn how to cook. I started learning how to cook over the holidays and now we can exchange recipes!

Danielle said...

I don't understand the skin issues tiffany! but it is driving me crazy haha. But yes lets defintely trade recipes! that'll be so fun :)