Monday, November 22, 2010

Single vs Relationship

Single life was fun and I am happy I finally got to experience it but there is just something about finding your other half. Knowing that they think you're beautiful, makeup and hair done or not. That they love falling asleep next to you. But when you're single you find those other guys that try and say just the right words to charm you and have you in their beds and in your bra and panties within 2 minutes. Then after they are through with you they say they're tired and you can call yourself a cab, number should be on the refrigerator. You get the texts and calls only after it's 10:00 pm and not once do they care to know you as a person. All they care about is how pretty you are, what you look like without clothes on and your abilities in bed. So should we be punished and under appreciated if we are pretty, if we do take care of ourselves , look good without clothes, and we just so happen to know a thing or two when it comes to good sex? That's how I felt while I was single. I felt like NO man had respect for me no matter how I carried myself and apparently my personality wasn't worth knowing. Ah but then there's relationships. That can make girl feel like they are trapped or that they can't do whatever they wanted like they used to. The minute a guy finds out you have a boyfriend you are no longer alive to him pretty much because the obstacle has appeared and they no longer have any use to know more than our name and relationship status... I bet they don't even remember my name. This is why no matter what you can't win with society. Either you go along with the single shenanigans (which would later put you in the "slut" category, if you didn't know girls when we have our needs met its because we have no self respect and we're just a little too easy... didn't you know?!) Or you have a boyfriend who truly makes you happy and respects you, but kiss all other males in your life goodbye because now you are pretty much invisible to them. 

So guys-- explain yourselves please.

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Omgitstiffduh said...

I love this post girl. Best one yet!